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Relax, Learn, Succeed. Welcome to Getplus Mindset, where learning meets entertainment. Our minds hold immense power in determining our experiences, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. By utilizing this mental strength, we can shape our realities to align with our goals, beliefs, and desires. This ability allows us to create meaningful changes in our lives by taking control over our thought patterns and making conscious choices. For instance, when faced with challenges or obstacles, maintaining positive thinking and believing in ourselves can help us overcome adversity more effectively than dwelling on negative aspects or doubting our abilities. Furthermore, cultivating gratitude, empathy, and kindness towards others not only enhances our emotional well-being but also strengthens relationships and fosters a sense of community. Therefore, harnessing the power of our minds enables us to lead fulfilling lives filled with purpose, happiness, and success. In this fast-paced world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by too many online courses. We believe that learning should be a calming and enriching experience.

“The greatest of all pleasures is the pleasure of learning”


…Whether you’re a student navigating K-12 subjects or delving into the depths of programming and data science, join us on a journey to unlock knowledge:

“Teachers should facilitate an environment where students uncover truths themselves. Nurturing a sense of autonomy fosters critical thinking and a lifelong love for learning”

Mark Van Doren

In the hustle and bustle of modern education, finding moments of peace and serenity can make all the difference. Join Getplus Mindset tutoring. Have fun!

Here is an outline the features for both students and teachers on Getplus Mindset as follows:

For Students

User-Friendly Dashboard:

  • Centralized access to all courses, notifications, and upcoming deadlines.
  • Personalized to display recent activities and pending tasks.

Course Enrollment and Management:

  • Easy course registration and enrollment processes.
  • Access to all enrolled courses from a single interface.

Interactive Course Materials:

  • Access to multimedia content such as videos, PDFs, presentations.
  • Downloadable resources for offline study.

Assignments and Quizzes:

  • Submission of assignments directly through the platform.
  • Timed quizzes and exams with various question types (multiple choice, essay, true/false).
  • Immediate feedback on quiz performance.

Communication Tools:

  • Messaging system for direct communication with instructors and peers.
  • Discussion forums and chat rooms for collaborative learning and peer support.

Progress Tracking and Grades:

  • Access to grades and feedback on assignments and quizzes.
  • Visual progress bars and reports showing completion status and performance analytics.

Calendar and Scheduling:

  • Integrated calendar to keep track of assignment due dates, quizzes, and class schedules.
  • Sync with personal calendars (Google, Outlook) for better time management.

Certificates and Badges:

  • Earn digital badges and certificates for course completion and skill achievements.
  • Display badges on profiles and export certificates for external use.

Mobile Access:

  • Fully responsive design for mobile and tablet use.
  • Dedicated mobile app for access on the go.


  • Ability to customize the user profile and preferences.
  • Recommendations for additional courses based on interests and performance.

For Teachers

Course Creation and Management:

  • Comprehensive course building tools, including syllabus upload, content organization, and module creation.
  • Templates and cloning options for quick setup of similar courses.

Content Delivery:

  • Upload various types of content (documents, videos, external links) and organize them into structured lessons.
  • Integration with external resources and tools (e.g., YouTube, Google Docs).

Assessment Tools:

  • Create and manage quizzes, assignments, and exams with a wide range of question types.
  • Automated grading and feedback systems to save time and provide immediate responses to students.

Communication and Collaboration:

  • Send announcements and messages to the entire class or individual students.
  • Facilitate discussion forums, group projects, and collaborative activities.

Student Tracking and Analytics:

  • Monitor student progress and engagement with detailed reports and analytics.
  • Identify at-risk students through performance tracking and provide targeted support.


  • Comprehensive gradebook for tracking and managing student grades.
  • Ability to customize grading scales, weighting, and categories.

Resource Management:

  • Repository for managing and reusing course materials and resources across different courses.
  • Tagging and categorization of resources for easy retrieval.

Feedback and Evaluation:

  • Tools for providing detailed feedback on assignments and assessments.
  • Peer review and self-assessment options to enhance learning experiences.

Course Analytics:

  • Detailed analytics on course engagement, completion rates, and assessment performance.
  • Reports to inform instructional design and improve course content.

Professional Development:

  • Access to professional development courses and communities within the Moodle ecosystem.
  • Opportunities for continuous learning and skill enhancement.

Customization and Configuration:

  • Ability to customize course layouts, themes, and settings to match teaching styles and course requirements.
  • Plugin support to extend functionality with additional tools and features.

Getplus Mindset offers a rich and versatile set of features tailored to enhance the educational experience for both students and teachers. For students, it provides a structured, interactive, and engaging learning environment with tools to track progress and stay organized. For teachers, it offers powerful tools for course creation, content delivery, student assessment, and analytics, making it easier to manage and deliver effective education. This comprehensive approach ensures an effective and efficient learning experience for all users involved.